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Hey guys,

I want to invite you to press the RESTART button on your body. 

I created this after I had my two children and I use this program whenever I need a full body reset. After the holidays when you feel bloated, and gross... RESTART with my Shred program.

Keep in mind, this program is intense, AND extremely rewarding!

Typically, I do not endorse programs that are not maintainable long-term. However, there is a time and place for this program. This is the program that I use when I need to re-learn how to keep my nutrition in check, and lean out quickly.

4-Week Shred is a gym-based program where we spend 5-6 days a week performing high-intensity workouts and we follow a carb-cycling meal plan with high carb days and low carb days.
Why Follow This Program?
You want an easy to follow, systematic, and proven program that will give you the desired results without all of the confusing guess work.
You may have tried something like this before, but it may not have worked because you didn't have the proper motivation and support. When you purchase this program, I will be there with you in our Private Facebook Group to ensure that you have everything you need to see results. 
This program is perfect if you are wanting to tone up for a beach vacation, a high school reunion, or if you just want to look lean, fit, and healthy for the summer.
  •  Direct Access To A Private Facebook Group
  •  Videos of My Exact Cardio Workouts
  •  Motivational Support
  •  100+ Page Guide
  •  Customizable Excel Calorie Calculator
  •  Tips For Quick And Easy Meal Prep
  •  List of What I Buy At The Store
  •  The Exact Recipes I Follow
Along With My Guidance and Support!!
ALL FOR ONLY $97 $39!
Check Out These AWESOME Results!!
"Hi, my name is Diane. I've just finished the 4-week shred program sponsored by Natalie Hodson. This is a wonderful program, complete and very detailed. Everything is included, training, example of meals, refeed, macros, etc. More than one can ask for. I have been training for the last few years and, for the very first time, I completely understand how to use fitness pals in conjunction with nutrition and macros. After 4 weeks of right nutrition for my weight, intensive strength and cardio training, I have never been so lean. People I don't really know at my gym noticed it. I believe I was the oldest of the group, 59 years old, however, I was able to follow the program entirely. I am so happy I joined this group who supported each other and shared experience. It has been a great endeavor and what is great about it, is that I can now rely on the program whenever I feel I need to loose few pounds.Finally, I wish to say thank you to Natalie. She has been nothing but wonderful, generous, supportive and made herself available to answer all of our questions."     ~Diane R.
"Thank you so much for this program it was definitely what I was expecting & helped me so much!! I will definitely be using it in the future!!"   ~Mahlia W.
"From start to end... 10 lbs gone and feeling fantastic! I will send in my video testimonial later. Thank you Natalie your program is fantastic and clearly works! I would also like to thank all the others in this group for your on-line support, photos, helpful posts and encouragement. Definitely helped keep me on track and get through the program. Well worth it!" ~Debbie P.
Remember, this is an INTENSE Program That I
Only Follow a Few Times a Year....

I only want you to sign up if you are seriously committed
to RAPID RESULTS, and are willing to put in 
the hard work and dedication that is required.
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